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Gain clarity about the future with our technology.

Our teams are supported by innovative technological solutions and process automation in their daily work.

Experience higher efficiency, reliable precision, easy communication and swift supply chain management – all at your fingertips.


Real-time visibility of shipments

Our complete international logistics network is visible on a single intuitive monitoring platform – SHIPPEO.


You can track and trace your orders in the way that suits you best:


as our regular customer, you receive a login and password to access our intuitive user interface online

active links

receive active links via email or SMS

push alerts

customize alerts, statuses, and notifications sent according to your preferences

custom platform

benefit from full insight into processes through API integration with your own TMS system

Visibility –
Real-time tracking

Thanks to the implementation of the SHIPPEO platform, we offer you the capability to monitor your shipments, track vehicle locations and statuses, along with precise information about the expected date and time of arrival at the loading and destination points – live and in real-time.

Location data originates from GPS devices in trucks and telematics systems utilized by carriers, as well as from the mobile application used by drivers.

There are numerous immediate benefits of transport visibility.
For us, the most significant aspect is that proactive alerts, rather than reactive responses, enable us to take rapid and decisive actions in the face of deviations, thereby minimizing the impacts of any disruptions to your supply chain.

Our transport management tools
– much more than just process efficiency.

Connectivity –
API Communication Interface

The majority of our business relationships are long-term, and our primary objective has always been to facilitate collaboration and communication, improve process efficiency and productivity, and unleash the creative potential of project teams.

Our IT infrastructure is adaptable and guarantees smooth integration with clients’ IT environments through API interfaces, facilitating the seamless linking of diverse systems into a unified entity – cohesive, efficient, and with streamlined data flow. Together with our technological partner, we have successfully completed numerous deployments where bi-directional integration, facilitating two-way communication, offers a wide range of possibilities and functionalities. Let’s work together to build a smoothly functioning ecosystem of data exchange so that, by accessing precise and up-to-date information easily, you can make the best decisions.

Process automation
tailored to the specifics of your business.

Data Center –
Eco-Friendly Infrastructure

Step into our world of sustainable technology. Our own data center operates on cutting-edge eco-friendly infrastructure, powered entirely by renewable energy sources, notably solar energy.

With our Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place, you can count on swift issue resolution and impeccable service delivery in critical situations. Ensuring stability, uninterrupted service, and the utmost data security are our top priorities.

Our intelligent solutions
driving your business forward.


Are you seeking solutions
to optimize your logistics?

Real-time transport tracking: predictive statuses, notifications and alerts

Monitoring and reporting key performance indicators (KPIs)

Tracking and reporting CO2 emissions to reduce your carbon footprint

Automation of billing and invoicing, enhancing data consistency and reducing errors

Electronic document circulation compliant with the latest requirements and standards

Integration via API: eliminating manual tasks, reducing phone calls and emails

Service continuity assurance and maximum data security

Enhanced communication efficiency and productivity, fostering smoother collaboration

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Thanks to our partnership with leading technology companies, we deliver innovative solutions that tackle the complex challenges of the supply chain. See what our partners have to say about us.

"We've been working together since 2010. Right from the start, they have a forward-thinking approach, aiming high and planning ambitiously. Always at the forefront of innovation – they are passionate about the potential technology brings. A company like no other - constantly exploring better work methods. They approach new developments in a thoughtful and systematic manner."

Maciej Poskrop

"CEO. Maciosoft - Technological Partner"

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Tell us about your logistics challenges.
We will provide a solution.

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