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We are currently seeking partners
to handle full truckload international shipments
in Central and Eastern Europe.


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If you seek a partner providing year-round orders,
predictable workload, excellent organization and timely payments,
look no further, you’ve come to the right place!

Maximized mileage
with minimal downtime.

Consistent, repeatable orders regardless of the season, coupled with our proactive planning, ensure the fluidity and effectiveness of your operations.

High mileage without interruptions, competitive rates per kilometer, weekly base stops aligned with driver schedules – these aren’t just promises. This is the actual experience of partnering with us.

Financial benefits
as the cornerstone
for the development

With our offer, you can enjoy not only financial stability but also additional advantages that bolster the growth of your transport business: timely payments supported by references, the option to take advantage of shortened payment terms (discounts), settlements based on scanned transport documents and fleet fuel cards with discounts.

Help and support
no matter the circumstances

Whether you require consultation, answers to questions, or solutions to problems, our dedicated dispatcher is at your service 24/7. With expertise in the specifics of loading and unloading locations, they can swiftly address any emergencies or logistical issues, ensuring your peace of mind and operational efficiency.


We provide our partners with a variety of benefits, including:

Guaranteed high mileage without downtime

Competitive rate per kilometer

Ongoing collaboration regardless of the season

Weekly base stops in accordance with driver working hours

Timely payments supported by references

Opportunity to take advantage of shortened payment terms (discounts)

Settlements facilitated by document scan submissions

Fleet fuel cards with discounts

Repeated loads sourced from our regular clientele – direct shippers

Ongoing rate adjustments reflective of cost fluctuations (fuel, road tolls)

Dedicated support from an experienced dispatcher 24/7

In-depth understanding of loading and unloading locations for effective intervention

Favorable conditions for insurance (OC, AC, OCP) and professional support in the event of damage settlement by our broker

Driver working time settlement – mobility package – through our partner

Automation of collaboration and communication via modern IT tools, accessible to you at no cost

Regular collaboration
or ad-hoc shipments
– the choice is yours.

We are looking for partners to handle full truckload international shipments in Central and Eastern Europe. Our rapidly growing network spans loading and delivery locations across Central and Eastern Europe, including Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, and Ukraine, among others. Additionally, we serve routes to Scandinavia and Western Europe.

Partnership is our priority. We focus on building strong, mutually respectful relationships with our clients and suppliers – carriers, who are vital to our success.

What do others say about us?

The best testimony comes from the feedback of our current, long-standing partners.
We hope that soon you’ll become one of them…

"I've been partnering with BRIGHTLOG since 2010. Their staff is competent and always ready to help, quick to resolve any issues or unexpected situations. BRIGHTLOG consistently meets payment deadlines. This is crucial for me as it ensures the financial stability of my company and allows for effective planning of our operations."

Daniel Kosturek

"UT Daniel Kosturek. "

"Years of collaboration with BRIGHTLOG have led to business growth based on transparent terms, consistent orders and punctual payments."

Jacek Suwała

"Suwała Sp. z o.o."

"I'm happy to provide positive references for the BRIGHTLOG team. Our cooperation is smooth and professional, with clear transport guidelines and effective communication, ensuring timely payments for services rendered."

Mate Kurtović



What formal requirements must be met to start cooperation with BRIGHTLOG?

Ensure you have a valid transport license, an active VAT number, and that your insurance policy meets the minimum requirements for carriers' civil liability insurance.

What kind of fleet is required for collaboration?

We seek ongoing partnerships with carriers equipped with tractor units and curtain or box trailers measuring 13.6 meters in length (minimum height 2.68 meters). We also offer collaboration opportunities with other types of transport - just ask!

What routes will I be servicing?

We're seeking partners to handle full truckload international shipments in Central and Eastern Europe. Our rapidly expanding network includes loading and delivery locations across the region, covering Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine, and routes to Scandinavia and Western Europe.

What age of vehicles do you accept?

Vehicle age should not exceed 6 years. We prioritize fulfilling promises to our clients, so we expect regular servicing and maintenance of the fleet to ensure trailers are dry, watertight and clean.

What equipment should drivers have?

We require vehicles to be equipped with a minimum set of cargo securing equipment, including belts, corner protectors, anti-slip mats, securing beams, a warning triangle, and drivers should have protective gear like safety footwear, a helmet, shoes with toe protection and a reflective vest.

Is GPS required in vehicles?

Equipping vehicles with telematics devices is standard. Additionally, we require consent from permanent partners to integrate with the Shippeo platform for transport monitoring via telemetry or driver applications. Don't worry about setup complexities. A dedicated account manager will guide you through configuration, fleet uploading, and connection setup. They'll also provide necessary information and step-by-step tutorials to facilitate platform usage for ongoing cooperation and communication.

Become our Partner.

If you’re interested in collaboration, we warmly welcome you to reach out to us.

Our credibility is demonstrated by our global clients and publicly available reviews on Transport & Logistics industry portals.

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