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We are committed to being genuine integrator of logistic processes. Through comprehensive end-to-end solutions, we connect and optimize supply chains.

As integrator, we consolidate the highly fragmented market of transportation companies into a cohesive, robust European wide network, enabling us to efficiently meet diverse customer needs and adapt to dynamic market conditions.

Flexibility and scalability in focus

Our approach to integrating logistics processes is simple yet effective: understanding the unique needs and challenges of your business is our priority. We dedicate time to thoroughly assess your current logistics landscape, obtaining a 360-degree perspective that considers all aspects, contexts, and dependencies to better comprehend process complexity. Based on this, we make more thoughtful and effective decisions, crafting personalized solutions perfectly tailored to your goals.

We have a robust European wide network of small and medium-sized local carriers to facilitate the movement of goods across borders, ensuring high quality and safety.

Our network spanning nearly all of Europe ensures clients scalable access to diverse transportation options, supporting expansion and development across various markets.

We create a collaborative ecosystem where partnership and specialization enable the exchange of knowledge, know-how, and resources, facilitating swift responses to changes in demand and market conditions.

Selection and Screening

Our reliable supplier selection and screening procedures ensure complete control and uncompromising quality throughout the supply chain. They go beyond mere assessments of carriers’ ability to meet specific formal, financial, equipment, quality, or system requirements.

Meeting the appropriate conditions, such as experience, reliability, flexibility, and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, is crucial for establishing partnerships. However, we build long-term, collaborative relationships with companies that, like us, are guided by values such as integrity, continuous development and improvement, and demonstrate daily commitment to environmental protection, sustainable development and safety.


Following a thorough initial assessment, our supplier selection procedures enable us to precisely choose those that best fit the needs and standards of our logistics network. Our multi-stage supplier onboarding process ensures a seamless transition from selection to full integration within our network. Throughout this process, we to clearly define mutual expectations and requirements, establish cooperation procedures and principles, and provide appropriate technical and training support. This allows us to ensure that collaboration with new suppliers proceeds smoothly and efficiently, guaranteeing the quality and safety of your supply chain.

Compliance audits

Regular supplier audits are crucial for monitoring their performance, service quality, and compliance with established quality standards, policies and procedures. Auditing procedures enable us to identify potential issues and areas for improvement, enabling us to take effective corrective and improvement actions. Through regular supplier audits, we maintain a high level of service quality and increase our ability to respond to changing market conditions. This is a key element of our business strategy, enabling us to maintain our market leadership position and ensure customer satisfaction.

IT in network management

Advanced IT solutions provide crucial support in the daily management of our extensive network. They enable real-time tracking and management of the supply chain. Despite the fragmentation of the transportation market, with us, you gain full control over all processes.

We focus on automating ongoing collaboration and communication within our network, leveraging the latest technologies, tools, and software to reduce manual work, eliminate errors, increase efficiency, and improve service quality.

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Multilingual Team

We speak: English, Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, German, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Italian, Croatian…

Dedicated solutions

We design logistic services tailored to your individual needs and challenges.

Automation of processes

We harness the power of technology to provide you with an entirely new quality of collaboration and logistics.

Local expertise

We leverage our understanding of local specifics to deliver seamless end-to-end solutions.

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