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What to expect from the consultation?

During the consultation, we’ll outline our approach and eagerly listen to your company’s activities and logistics needs. It’s vital for us to gain insight into your business, from strategic decisions to daily operations. Based on this, we’ll share similar projects we’ve handled, along with their challenges and solutions.

What we’d like to learn during the consultation:

In which markets and countries does your company operate (inbound and outbound flows)?

What is the capacity you need (historical volumes per lines)?

What are your specific transport requirements (fleet, cargo securing, loading/unloading)?

What’s the cycle of your company’s operations and industry (seasonality)?

What’s your order planning process?

Do you have any special reporting requirements (CO2 emissions, KPIs, etc.)?

What current challenges are you facing?

What are your expectations and IT integration capabilities?

Are there any special legal-formal requirements for the service?

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    BRIGHTLOG according to our clients and partners

    We believe that the best business card is what our clients say about us.
    Below you will find a few exemplary opinions. If you want to learn more, we will facilitate contact with them to get to know the details.

    "BRIGHTLOG is a reliable operator who, over years of collaboration, has demonstrated adaptability to change, innovation in seeking solutions, and professionalism. A significant advantage of BRIGHTLOG is its knowledge of the CEE market and agile adaptation to it, depending on the season, as well as determination in finding solutions during the most demanding periods in the transportation market."

    Tomasz Ciupiński

    "Transport Manager. PEPCO"

    "They are reliable logistics professionals with a thorough understanding of the market. BRIGHTLOG stands out as a company with truly extensive capabilities, consistently proving their excellence. Over the years, I have been pleased to observe their commitment to continuous process improvement and innovation. BRIGHTLOG has demonstrated the ability to effectively navigate unexpected challenges and disruptions. Their ambition to undertake successive, interesting projects drives the ongoing expansion of their operations and the introduction of new services, which are currently utilized not only by our Distribution Center in Radomsko but also have a positive impact on other JYSK distribution centers across various countries. "

    Piotr Wiśniewski

    "Transport Team Leader CEE. JYSK"

    "Now I remember! I know you! Yes, it's you! Listen, they handled transports to Ukraine, safely delivering numerous medical equipment and humanitarian aid purchased by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. They took responsibility, embraced the danger, and undertook the risks during the most critical period of the conflict."

    Jurek Owsiak

    "Founder of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity"

    "BRIGHTLOG brings peace of mind to our daily operations. We value their flexibility and swift responsiveness in a dynamic environment. I look forward to our continued collaboration, navigating together supply chain challenges at the highest level of expertise."

    Wiktor Kott

    "Manager Operations. E-llis"

    "For years, our collaboration has flourished in a positive atmosphere. BRIGHTLOG consistently strives to push boundaries higher, emphasizing not only quality and flexibility but also cost optimization."

    Grzegorz Gwóźdź

    "Logistics Manager. Sudzucker Grup"

    "BRIGHTLOG efficiently utilizes its strengths, delivering above-average quality and extensive transportation capabilities at market-competitive prices.They have been our reliable transport partner for many years, consistently supporting us during every holiday campaign and high-demand season."

    Iolanda Popa

    "Purchasing Manager. Zarea"