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For many industries, efficient transportation
is essential for expanding and succeeding
in the competitive market.


If the future of your company depends on smooth and reliable transportation,
rely on our extensive experience and expertise in this field.


We offer comprehensive
‘door-to-door’ transport services.

With nearly 15 years of experience we understand the specific needs of industrial and commercial sectors. For our clients, leaders in their fields, we deliver efficient, effective, safe and sustainable transport solutions. Sometimes under time pressure and often where others have failed.

Our specialty is full truckload (FTL) transport. We also provide regular
less-than-truckload (LTL) connections covering Central and Eastern Europe.

Express deliveries

When time is critical, we guarantee fast service and urgent delivery through dedicated and reliable processes, such as double-driver transport or efficient relay solutions for selected routes.

Stand-by / Swep trailer

To enhance operational flexibility, efficiency, and readiness, especially for high-volume projects and specific situations, we offer innovative solutions using interchangeable trailers available in the ‘Stand-by Trailer’ or ‘Swep Trailer’ systems.

Last-mile delivery

With direct presence in CEE countries, we effectively handle local ‘last-mile’ challenges, such as deliveries to recipients located in urban areas, tonnage-restricted zones, or where entry permits apply. Our network of cross-dock micro hubs ensures cost optimization for your distribution.

Transport visibility

We offer you the ability to monitor your shipments, track vehicle locations and statuses, along with precise information on expected arrival times at loading and destination points – in real-time.

Reliability and safety

Thousands of completed transports and virtually zero damage are evidence of the reliability of our procedures. However, in the event of any damage, our comprehensive insurance coverage ensures your protection at all transport stages, regardless of circumstances.

CO2 emission reporting

On the path to decarbonizing the supply chain, monitoring and reporting CO2 emissions are crucial. We have the necessary tools and developed methodology. For transparency and social responsibility, we regularly provide our contractors with reports specifying CO2 emission levels.

Reverse logistics

We efficiently resolve your packaging return issues, including pallets from deliveries to retail networks. Our solutions make your supply chain more sustainable and optimize its costs.

Customs clearance

We offer comprehensive advice and support related to customs and excise procedures.

API Integration

We provide the option to implement an API interface for communication between our TMS systems. With this solution, you’ll save time, increase operational efficiency, improve communication accuracy, and facilitate collaboration.


Global excellence.
Local expertise.

By merging global standards with local proficiency, we deliver top-quality comprehensive transport services.

Through extensive collaboration with international companies and industry leaders, we refine our processes and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure continuous improvement. Investing in cutting-edge technology and ongoing skill development within our team has become a cornerstone of our organizational culture.

Our profound understanding of the markets in which we operate empowers us to proactively anticipate and adeptly address various challenges, including seasonal fluctuations. With effective communication and mutual support, our international team seamlessly coordinates processes, ensuring operational smoothness in any circumstance.

Our portfolio

Over the past 15 years, we have earned the trust of many leading companies, relying on us for tasks essential to their operations and expansion. Our services are highly regarded in the B2B sector, highlighting our effectiveness and professionalism.
Explore the solutions we’ve developed for our clients.

Direct humanitarian aid to those in need in Ukraine.

We'll navigate your path through chaos. Even in times of war. See how we delivered aid from 'Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity' directly to the hands of Ukrainians in need.

JYSK. With delivery directly to your nearest store.

Since 2016, we've partnered with JYSK. What started as a small-scale cooperation has expanded to cover distribution to all main markets in Central and Eastern Europe. Today, we operate in Ukraine, Romania, Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia. Curious about our journey? Read more. 

PEPCO. Capacity with plenty of flexibility.

Romania, with over 420 stores, is now PEPCO's second-largest market. Our partnership with PEPCO has evolved from handling one shipment a day to becoming the exclusive operator of major transportation lines from the newly opened DC in Bucharest, both domestically and internationally. Learn more about how we address logistics challenges during retail business expansion.

MONDI. Paper and packaging delivered to 21 markets.

With paper rolls being heavy and highly susceptible to damage, transportation poses significant challenges. Explore our solutions that guarantee the best possible service for paper producers.

SUDZUCKER. Hundreds of thousands of tons of sugar delivered.

Explore how, throughout 15 years of partnership with European Südzucker Group, a leader in the food industry and Europe's largest sugar producer, we've adeptly responded to dynamic market trends and customer needs.

MASPEX. Our experience in the FMCG industry.

Explore how we swiftly adapt to evolving consumer demands, streamline lead times, ensure on-time delivery, and prioritize the quality and safety of transported goods.

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