BRIGHTLOG Group gathers specialists in the field of logistics and transportation from various countries of Central and Eastern Europe (mainly from Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Hungary). The exploited saying 'act locally, think globally' takes on a new, significant meaning with our company.

Our international team includes:
  • knowledge of the local market and familiarity with global standards,
  • a mosaic of experience in the implementation of small projects as well as comprehensive logistics solutions for international corporations,
  • a unique combination of specific expertise on the local logistics market, economy and trade in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Our assets are the contacts and relationships, which are based on an individual approach to customers' expectations - whether a local entrepreneur, or a global corporation. To meet the highest requirements of our customers we are constantly improving the collaboration with specialized local and international partners, and conducting the selection and evaluation of their services in terms of quality, cost level as well as the scope and course of action. We work with passion and derive satisfaction from our job, which guarantees our partners contentment from the cooperation and quality of service.

We have gathered experience in providing services for diverse industries, getting to know carefully their specifics:

  • Manufacturers, importers and exporters of FMCG, for them the deliveries adjusted to the needs of their network customers and markets are crucial.
  • Manufacturers and trading companies specializing in steel and metals, for them the key factors are: transport efficiency and regularity of carriage.
  • Manufacturers, importers and exporters of construction materials (steel structures, plasterboards, metal roof tiles, ceramic, insulation materials, building chemistry and many others), who directly supply supermarkets such as 'home and garden' as well as construction sites, often in inner cities, where it is necessary to know the legal regulations on local traffic
  • Manufacturers of wood: furniture, flooring materials, boards.
  • Producers of high-value goods (electronics, excise goods), for which the priority is the safety while maintaining a reasonable level of costs

We support projects that require timely deliveries and efficient coordination of the entire process. We do not accept and do not allow routine in action.

From a wide range of our services, we select those that best meet customer expectations, tailored to its needs and the expected results. Each of the projects supported by us has the status of 'dedicated', because we believe that even a simple and seemingly standardized services may vary. We know that effective solutions are formed only in partner relations between Client and logistics operator, and cooperation with Clients is a joint action to improve the quality and efficiency.