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Over 100 companies are partnering with us to shape the future of logistics.

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Are you a visionary leader,
setting the course for success and continually raising your own standards?
Do you seek a partner who shares your mindset?

Guided by bold vision towards the future.
Focused on enhancing logistical processes for optimal efficiency.
Pioneering in cutting-edge technology.
Prepared to master the most demanding transportation challenges.
You need a seasoned professional ensuring exceptional service quality and local flexibility.

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Highly committed, international, multilingual team

Professional, dedicated support 24/7

Extensive network of trusted carriers

Comprehensive offer and personalized solutions

Great flexibility, efficiency and operational effectiveness

Safety and reliability in processes, following best practices

Advanced technologies, automation and connectivity with the client’s IT environment

Visibility – real-time tracking and precise predictive tools

+20 years of experience, expert know-how


End-to-end transportation
with value-added services

We are with you at every stage of the supply chain.
Whether it’s inbound or outbound processes,
international, intra-community or domestic transport, including last-mile services. We support you in full-truckload and less-than-truckload shipments.

Share your challenges with us,
— together, we’ll find the perfect solution.

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Tailored contract logistics
to meet your specific needs

We deliver thoughtful warehouse processes tailored to your specific needs. From distribution centers to warehouses supporting seasonal storage, we offer a comprehensive package of additional services. Warehouse locations in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Hungary, along with a qualified team and modern IT infrastructure.

Contract logistics
customized to your requirements.

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An extensive logistics network
for greater flexibility

We manage an extensive logistics network across all markets in Europe, with a particular focus on the CEE markets.
In our business model, we’ve developed strategies to mitigate changes in demand, supply chain disruptions or market fluctuations.
We take full responsibility by meticulously selecting trustworthy carriers and suppliers, seamlessly integrating their resources and capabilities. We leverage a proficient international team and cutting-edge technology, to meet the demands of a complex supply chain.

Your logistical challenges — resolved.

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Cutting-edge technology
to transform your transportation

In our DNA, continuous development is deeply rooted, especially in the field of technology. Through collaboration with the SHIPPEO platform, we’ve deployed a comprehensive solution for real-time transport visibility and ETA prediction, positioning us as leaders in the CEE markets.
Since 2010, we’ve been developing our TMS software with our technological partner, integrating all aspects of our operations within one intuitive environment. This software links our dispersed, international structure, facilitating rapid data exchange and seamless integration with our partners’ IT environments.

A supply chain visible at a glance.

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& Connectivity

Hear from our satisfied clients

Real stories, real results.

"BRIGHTLOG is a reliable operator who, over years of collaboration, has demonstrated adaptability to change, innovation in seeking solutions, and professionalism. A significant advantage of BRIGHTLOG is its knowledge of the CEE market and agile adaptation to it, depending on the season, as well as determination in finding solutions during the most demanding periods in the transportation market."

Tomasz Ciupiński

"Transport Manager. PEPCO"

"Now I remember! I know you! Yes, it's you! Listen, they handled transports to Ukraine, safely delivering numerous medical equipment and humanitarian aid purchased by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. They took responsibility, embraced the danger, and undertook the risks during the most critical period of the conflict."

Jurek Owsiak

"Founder of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity "

"They are reliable logistics professionals with a thorough understanding of the market. BRIGHTLOG stands out as a company with truly extensive capabilities, consistently proving their excellence. Over the years, I have been pleased to observe their commitment to continuous process improvement and innovation. BRIGHTLOG has demonstrated the ability to effectively navigate unexpected challenges and disruptions. Their ambition to undertake successive, interesting projects drives the ongoing expansion of their operations and the introduction of new services, which are currently utilized not only by our Distribution Center in Radomsko but also have a positive impact on other JYSK distribution centers across various countries. "

Piotr Wisniewski

"Transport Team Leader CEE. JYSK"

"BRIGHTLOG brings peace of mind to our daily operations. We value their flexibility and swift responsiveness in a dynamic environment. I look forward to our continued collaboration, navigating together supply chain challenges at the highest level of expertise."

Wiktor Kott

"Manager Operations. E-llis"

"For years, our collaboration has flourished in a positive atmosphere. BRIGHTLOG consistently strives to push boundaries higher, emphasizing not only quality and flexibility but also cost optimization."

Grzegorz Gwozdz

"Logistics Manager. Sudzucker Grup"

"BRIGHTLOG efficiently utilizes its strengths, delivering above-average quality and extensive transportation capabilities at market-competitive prices.They have been our reliable transport partner for many years, consistently supporting us during every holiday campaign and high-demand season."

Iolanda Popa

"Purchasing Manager. Zarea"

Global standards.
Flexibility of a compact company.
Process-oriented approach.

With fast decision-making and direct and transparent communication we respond quickly and effectively to changes, challenges, and opportunities.


At Brightlog, we  combine global perspectives with in-depth local knowledge. We integrate the strengths of an agile organization customized for local market conditions with a dedication to industry best practices and quality standards derived from our extensive experience collaborating with leading market players.

Customized logistics

Each industry comes with its unique demands and our goal is to meet them and to add value by crafting services tailored to the individual needs of our clients.

Local expertise

We leverage our knowledge and understanding of the local markets, realities, infrastructure, local urban planning, delivery constraints, cultural nuances, regulations, compliance requirements and customer preferences to provide you with hassle-free and smooth last mile solutions

Innovative IT

Our technology enables better communication, streamlines operations, reduces manual processes, and boosts efficiency. With the added benefit of visibility into potential disruptions, it empowers proactive responses for optimized performance.

Assured capacity

Through strategic planning, operational flexibility, and the adoption of technologies that enhance efficiency we successfully navigate seasonal fluctuations and secure sufficient resources to meet the heightened demand successfully.

Specialized fleet

We operate a diverse and cutting-edge fleet, capable of addressing a variety of transportation requirements, including different cargo types, varying distances and industry-specific needs.

Our portfolio

Explore the solutions we’ve developed for our clients.

Humanitarian aid directly to those in need in Ukraine.

We'll navigate your path through chaos, even in times of war. See how we delivered aid from 'The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity' directly to those in need in Ukraine. Hospital equipment, bandages for civilians, wheelchairs for the injured - delivered to those in need on the front line.

Capacity and plenty of flexibility.

Romania, with more than 420 stores, is Pepco's second-largest market. Our partnership has expanded from handling one daily shipment to exclusively operating key transportation lines from the new distribution center in Bucharest, serving both domestic and international routes.

Together to 21 countries.

For over 10 years, we've partnered with several MONDI Group companies for paper and packaging transportation. Paper transport demands the highest quality standards - see how we achieve them.

JYSK. With delivery directly to your nearest store.

Since 2016, we've partnered with JYSK. What started as a small-scale cooperation has expanded to cover distribution to all main markets in Central and Eastern Europe. Today, we operate in Ukraine, Romania, Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia. Curious about our journey? Read more. 

What makes us stand out?

When choosing a logistics partner, it’s worth considering
who will operate with dedication equal to your own internal logistics department.

All European markets

We operate across various European markets, with a specific focus on Central and Eastern European countries and the Balkans. Our team includes experienced local coordinators overseeing projects in each market. Our collaborative environment promotes cross-functional international teamwork, facilitating the exchange of ideas and perspectives for more creative problem-solving. This strategic approach empowers us to anticipate potential challenges and respond promptly and effectively to unforeseen events.

Innovative Technology

Since 2010, we have been advancing our TMS software in collaboration with our technological partner, streamlining all aspects of our operations into a cohesive and user-friendly environment. This software connects our distributed, international structure, fostering swift data exchange and seamless integration with our partners' IT environments.

Customer-centric approach

We embrace challenges that our competitors hesitate to confront. Our forward-thinking mindset sees challenges as opportunities for growth. We prioritize continuous learning, innovation, and a proactive approach. By listening carefully to your needs, we customize solutions specifically tailored for you. Our commitment to meeting your needs and expectations drives our organization to adapt and innovate.

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effective solutions

Our expertise lies in developing tailored logistics solutions, fostering long-term success, growth, and sustainability.

We ensure
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Our team guarantees comprehensive door-to-door transport services, proactively navigating disruptions for successful outcomes.

We integrate
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Our flexible, customer-oriented, modern and effective logistics network is ready to face the challenges of your supply chain.

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Tell us about your logistics challenges.
We will provide a solution.

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